Wrestling at Caltech


1969-1970 Wrestling Season.
Back: Coach Tom Gutman, Bruce Johnson (HW), Alan Beagle (190),
Jim Bonomo, John Morton (167), Jeff Blair (177),
Eric Wheatley, and Assistant Coach Dave Schramm.
Front: Mark Morris (118), Randy Lewis (134), Ken Bickford (142),
Dave Collier, Phil Gschwend (126), Doug Wood (158),
and Larry Westerman. [Not shown: Gary Zieve (150)]

        This team was inducted into the new Caltech Athletic Hall of Honor at the inaugural event May 18, 2014. Coach Tom Gutman and Team Captain Alan Beagle were also inducted as individuals.

        The team won SCIAC with an undefeated dual meet record and first place in the league tournament (4 first places and 5 second places). Zieve (15-0), Beagle (13-0), and Johnson (14-0-1) all went undefeated, and every wrestler except Blair had a winning season. Six individuals made it into the semi-finals of the NAIA District III tournament. Beagle won the 190 lb. championship despite an injured leg.

1970-1971 Wrestling Season.
Back: Bruce Johnson, Nate Gates, Rik Smoody, Russ Crenshaw,
Jim Peterson, Jeff Blair, and Tom Gutman.
Front: Manfred Chiu, Bob Murphree, Randy Lewis, Ken Bickford,
Vince Fratello, Greg Stone, Gary Zieve, and Ken Walker.

        The season started with many green but willing young wrestlers. With a slow start the team began to mature into a highly competitive and effective unit. Even with one empty weight class the team had a dual match record of 9-4-1. In tournament competition, they tied with Pomona for first at SCIAC and then went on to take third at NAIA District III (the highest ranking in Caltech wrestling history). Individual first place winners at SCIAC included Lewis, Zieve, Smoody, and Johnson.

1973-1974 Wrestling Season.
Back: Val Catanzarite, Chris Russell, Art Gooding, Jeff Blair,
John Baker, and Tom Gutman.
Front: Richard O'Keefe, Mike Norman, Willy Moss, Tony Tullot,
Ken Walker, and Bob Loveman.

        Most of the wrestlers suffered from weight problems, yet they weighed an average of 14 pounds less than their opponents. Notable performances included Walker and Catanzarite taking first at SCIAC and 155 lb. Russell taking third in the 190 class. The team also took third place. Fratello took an unofficial second and the NAIA District III tournament and Walker took third. The team came in ninth. Dual matches were evenly split at 7-7.

Looking for an Escape 1974.
It's hard to get some people off your back.


1975-1976 Wrestling Season.
Back: Tom Gutman, Chris Russell, Tom Synder, Art Gooding,
John Baker, Steve O'Hara, Philmer Curio, and Jim Woodhead.
Front: Randy Okubo, Richard O'Keefe, Louis Testa, Bob Loveman,
Brywec Ellison, Darrel Whitney, and Jeff Blair.

        The team performed well and may have finished in a two or three way tie for second place in SCIAC. The team "developed into a skilled and spirted unit," according to Coach Gutman, and the "inexperienced members became formidable competitors". Team captains Loveman and Snyder led the team to victory over LA Trade Tech, La Verne, Whittier, and Cal Lutheran for a 4-6 record (last match not included).
        The team's only major weakness was in the upper two weights, because none of its members weighs more than 190. But 167 lb. Arthur Gooding did well in the 190 class. The most promising wrestler was Snyder with a 9-1 record.

Ready for the Takedown 1975.
Jeff chose this for his "graduation" photo (Big T 1976).


Looking Like a Champion 1976.
Jeff (without hair) taking 2nd Place at the SCIAC Tournament.


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