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How to Register

Facebook Screens

Wall: This screen.

Info: This screen shows your photo and the number of Mixi friends you have. Their photos appear under yours and are smaller. You can see how many friends each of them has, too.

To the right of these photos is your profile, which often includes information such as ... your gender, age, birthday, blood type, hobbies, a self-introduction, and things that you like (movies, sports, leisure activities, food, music, words, famous people, etc.).

Photos: You can post photos on this page.

Extra Screens

Boxes: You can ... .

Notes: You can ... .

Relatives: You can ... .

Videos: You can ... .

Links: You can ... .

Events: You can ... .

Music: You can ... .

Pop-up Screens

Friends: Shows the photo/icons of your Facebook friends.





Foot prints: When you go to this screen you can see the Mixi names of people who have visited your Mixi-page and what day and time they visited. If you click on the name, it will take you to their Mixi homepage. You can read their profile, see photos of their friends, and then ... you can send them a message inviting them to be a Mixi friend, put them on a list, or just send them a message. If you invite them to be your Mixi friend and they accept the offer, their photo will appear on your homepage (as described above).


Making Friends

Finding people

If someone wants to become your mixi friend, you will get an e-mail from mixi which contains a link.


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