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From Japan

       A number of UH-ESL graduates and friends got together at Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo, near Shibuya) at the end of the first day of JACET 2002: Paul Kandasamy, Madoka Murakami, Yoshiko Usui, Miki Yagi de Rodriguez, Stig Lindberg, and Jeff Blair.
       Also spotted at the conference were Kazuko Yumoto, Osamu Ikeno, and Judy Yoneoka.

       Paul Kandasamy started teaching full-time at Musashino Art University in April 2001.

       Madoka Murakami was promoted from assisant professor (koshi) to associate professor (jokyoju) at the Prefectural University of Kumamoto in April 2002. Congratulations Madoka.

       Mike Long, Cathy Doughty, and son Jourdi spent a very hot and humid summer at Nagoya University polishing off their Japanese language skills, with some research work on the side.

       Lesley Riley's last day at Kanazawa Institute of Technology was Monday, August 26. She'll be in Japan on and off after that while she looks and thinks about what to do next. Her new e-mail address is lesleyriley@nsknet.or.jp. She'll be presenting in Taipei at PAC4 and might attend JALT.Also, she and Robyn Najar will be working on their textbook for Macmillan which has a 12/31 deadline. If anybody hears of any positions near Kanazawa, please let her know!

       CA Edington out in Sapporo just joined the Yahoo e-group "sensei-online" for Japanese teachers (even though she doesn't currently teach Japanese). On the list is also the remarkable Dave Ashworth, her first Japanese sensei and long-term mentor in the area of innovative methodology.
       She's now working on a presentation and article about using Peer Feedback Forms in process writing. She has developed some that were very successful in her English writing classes at 2 different universities this past semester, and got positive feedback from students about giving/receiving comments regarding their essays.
       She reports that in Hokkaido, where there's supposedly no rainy season, they had only 4 days in July when it didn't rain!

       Conference Proceedings from PAC3 at JALT 2001 will be electronically published in October or November 2002. A number of alumni and students of UH-DESL/SLS have contributed articles: Lesley Riley, Jeff Blair, Michael Depoe, Vernon Chun, Donna Fujimoto, and Fu Akemi. And others, perhaps?

       When Jonathan Nosaka isn't teaching at Aichi Gakusen University he can be found playing guitar and singing with the Hakoiri Gaijin Band at Son House in Toyota and Hard Rock Cafe in Nagoya. Not only is he once again a married man, he's a daddy as well.

       Bill Bonk has started a PhD program in cognitive psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

       Raine Sakka has left Toyama for a more permanent academic home at Fukui Prefectural University. She loves the sounds of serenading frogs, the buzz of bees, and the silence of the streets at night in Fukui.

From Outside of Japan

       Christy Winskowski is Director of the ESL Program at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois. You can find out more by visiting her homepage.

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In Japan

  1. Kyoto Institute of Technology (Kyoto area)
  2. Aichi Gakuin University (Nagoya, Aichi)
  3. Nihon University (Mishima, Shizuoka)
  4. Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies (Yokohama, Kanagawa)


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