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Advice about Language Learning
Watch, Listen, Think, and Discuss

Why do Japanese students have trouble ...
... speaking English (and other foreign languages) ...
... easily and automatically (ie. fluently) ...
... even after learning many words and phrases?

A. J. Hoge and Friends
Learning English a Totally New Way

英語を 身につける為に ...

Rules(a) Effortless English with A.J. Hoge
(b) wearing various colored ties
(c) Learn Real English with A.J. Hoge
(d) with Joe Weiss and Christian Dodds
(e) with Hoge, Weiss and Dodds
1 a b c _ e Always learn English phrases. (Never study individual words.)
2 a b _ d e Do not study grammar rules.
3 a b _ d e Learn with your ears, not with your eyes.
4 a b c d e Learn deeply. (Do not think deeply.)
5 a b _ d e Use point-of-view mini-stories.
6 a b _ d e Only use real English materials.
7 a b c d e Use listen-and-answer mini-stories.

StepsHana English
with Haruna
1 Talk about the things that you see around you. (noun phrases)
2 Add adjectives to those noun phrases.
3 Make simple sentences. (SVO, SV, SVC, etc.)
4 Make simple questions. (Wh- or yes/no)
5 Ask yourself questions, and then answer them. (short answers (+ alpha))

RulesEnglish Explosion
with Mike and Shawnie
1 Listen, listen, listen.
2 Stop studying grammar.
3 Learn phrases, idioms, and slang.
4 Have confidence.
5 Study the correct material.
6 Have fun learning English.
7 Learn English at native speaker speed.

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...Chris ...
Five Principles

...... Lonsdale's
Seven Actions

1 Useful verbs in relevant contexts 1 Listen a lot
2 Use language to communicate 2 Meaning first, words later
3 Meaning first, words later 3 Focus on phrases and sentences
... Focus on the message (and context). 4 Focus the (easy) core
4 Open your mouth and speak 5 Find a partner (mentor).
5 Relax. Be happy and curious. 6 Copy facial movements.
... Fill gaps with imagination. 7 Link words to visual images.

AdviceExtreme English
with Mr. Nakata
1 Start with Listening and Speaking.
2 You do NOT need to have a large vocabulary.
3 Imitate the sounds you hear (listen and repeat => shadowing).
4 Focus on YOUR OWN interests.

...Learning through Input
...Learning Through Output
1 Basic English patterns 1 Shadowing
2 English karaoke 2 English diary
3 English TV dramas and movies 3 Talk to yourself in English.
4 English video clips on YouTube 4 English conversation
5 English books and magazines ... Enjoy English and have fun.

AdviceSpeak English Confidently
with Anne Marie
1 SPEAK English. Confidence does NOT come from a grammar book.
2 Find someone to speak English with. You need practice and feedback.
3 Think ... not yet. Focus on the future. Slow progress is normal.
4 Make some time for English ... every day.
5 Never give up. Go at your own pace. Life is a marathon.

RulesLet's Do English
with Mark
A 1 Never study grammar.
A 2 Listen (five times) before you speak.
A 3 Always slow down the English.
A 4 Learn from English materials that you love.
A 5 Study phrases (idioms), not words.
A 6 Learn English through stories.
A 7 Create a plan (your own plan) to become a fluent speaker.

RulesLet's Do English
with Mark
B 1 Seven-day course overview. Follow your passion, guilty pleasure.
B 2 Motivation for learning English. Talk with foreigners.
B 3 Dynamic conversations have no periods. They don't stop.
B 4 Watch lots of American movies. Break up your study time. (10 min)
B 5 Kill books with video. (70 video-20 audio-10 books) Listen for clusters, not words.
B 6 Learn the words YOU need (in context). Get a mentor/tutor for feedback.
B 7 Cre.

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