Global Studies and Discussion
Seminar Spring 2011

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Your Understanding . . . (of historical events) . . . in Your Own English

1st period
Lecture and Discussion
1Apr 6 Seating for players
Introduce teacher
and Mobile index
3 文法: Q, R, and A
Micro 英文: A (SOC)
2Apr 13 Explain the Grading
and How to Study
Review 4-slot 文法
Macro 英文: R and Q

Topic: Britain to 1783
3Apr 20 Explain English の 和文
Practice Jpn to English
Macro 和文法:

4Apr 27 Sentence analysis
and correction
Deleting, inserting,
and moving words
.. Timelines References
Topic: Elizabeth I
5May 11 YouTube?
自動詞: moved and
他動詞: moved
6May 18 Baseball: Pitch and hit
then ... run, run, run
Question and short answer
then ... add more information
7May 25 . Micro 英文: d w n +A
名詞句 and short answers
8June 8 Good, Bad, and Better Class evaluation
9June 1 People felt emotions. S V Complement
10June 15 . EXAM: Pitching
(discussion questions)
Topic: Mexico to 1861
11June 22 . Recursive phrases (+a)
and clauses (+r)
12June 29 . R clauses as subject and object
13July 6 . EXAM: Hitting and running
(long answers)
Topic: France
14July 13 People can make
other people O/C.
15July 20 Final review .
tba FINAL EXAMTime: 9: 30 am
Room: tba

wkdate Russia to 1918

Britain 1783 to 1918

interesting discussion

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