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English Ia Schedule

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What do you think? ... How do you feel?
Your Thoughts and Feelings in Your Own English

... Tentative Schedule
Week 1 Hana's Plan: Steps 1-2
Plan A: SPEAK Eng, then write 4‹æ Eng
Class ŒfŽ¦” and MS Teams
4‹æ Eng Noun phrases and Gu-Ichi-Pa
Week 2 Hana's Plan: Step 3
Plan A: SPEAK Eng, then write 4‹æ Eng
4‹æ Eng sentences:
Week 3 Plan B: write Jpn, then SPEAK Eng 4‹æ Eng
4‹æ Jpn sentences:
Week 4 PDS Cycle: Plan, Do, See
Conversation Starters: Jpn, then Eng
Group Report: Conversation
Week 5 Learn people's names
First narrative, then dialog
Patterns: Use 'em or Lose 'em
Week 6 Vague nouns to specific nouns
Full 1, 2 (adj), 3 ‹æ noun phrases
Verb choice to change structure
Week 7 Hana's Plan: Step 4
4‹æ Ques: Wh-@@m-S-V ... +A
Two special question patterns
(1) Wh- ŽåŒê and (2) Be “®ŽŒ
Week 8 Short answers to questions
Critical thinking
True? Yes or no,
then Wh- questions
Week 9 4‹æ Verb clusters: mV
V to V@AND@V Ving
Past tenses:
V-ed, was V-ing, AND had V-en
Week 10 Exam 1: Making questions Review people's names
Week 11 Verb sudoku Patterns: Use 'em or Lose 'em
Week 12 Dictionaries with pictures
Verb thesaurus with video clips
Learn with your ears and
with your eyes wide open
Week 13 Exam 2: Extended answers
(hit ... run, run, run)
Review people's names
Week 14 Make your own plan Learn together with friends
Week 15 Practice sentence correction:
lines, circles, and arrows
Review all homework videos
Finals Week Exam 3: Sentence correction Time: tba
Room: tba

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