English Conversation Skills
constant practice, deep learning

Group work
Leadership and responsibility
Following, but thinking for yourself
Cooperation and helping--"Rabbits" help the "turtles"
See one, Do one, Teach one
Showing initiative(弱肉、強食)

Relaxation, having fun
Not worrying about grammar
Speaking up with feeling and confidence
Making eye contact
Showing your reactions with facial expression

Video stories
Listening for names
Concentrating on the story (not the dialog)
Listening to real English
Filling in gaps in understanding with imagination

Write Japanese => Speak English
Deciding what to say
Searching for vocabulary
Saying it in English
Listening and correcting
Repetition for deep learning:
louder and faster, again and again

Conversation strategies
Finding a mutually interesting topic
Keeping that conversation going
Thinking of and asking questions
Giving short answers to questions
Adding more information

4区 grammar patterns
Practicing patterns (like musicians do):
Noun phrases: 1 2 3 +a
Sentences: S V O/C +A
Questions: Wh m-S-V O/C +A

Conversation Starters
Writing 4区 sentences 和文も英文も
4区 Translation: 最初 最後 逆方向
For written homework

Last updated April 2020
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