Pharmacy English Schedule

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Your Knowledge and Thoughts
in Your Own English

1st Period
Tentative Schedule
Week 1 What do teachers do?
What kind of class is this?
Tell us something (1 min).
4-slot ‰pŒκ / “ϊ–{Œκ
Week 2 Stories: Body Story
Monster Inside Me
Verbs of motion,
and S-V •ΆŒ^
Week 3 Conversation starters and
S-V-O •ΆŒ^
Yes/no questions and
short answers
Homework: Influenza B
Week 4 Questions:
Extended answers:
hit, run, run, run
Week 5 •Ά–@‘ΜŒni‘Ύ—zŒnj ˜a•Ά English
Homework: Monster Inside Me
Week 6 Sentence correction:
lines, circles, and arrows.
Week 7 4‹ζ verbs S-V-C •ΆŒ^
Homework: Monster Inside Me
Week 8 4‹ζ noun phrases .
Week 9 Sentence correction:
rewriting questions
Homework: Broken Bones
Week 10 Exam 1: Making questions S-V-OO •ΆŒ^
Week 11 Adverbs: +Ai–ΌŽŒ‹εjand +Riίj .
Week 12 S-V-C •ΆŒ^:
-ing / -ed Œ`—e‚΅ pairs
Homework: tba
Week 13 Exam 2: Extended answers .
Week 14 Adjectives: +4 (+a / +r) .
Week 15 Long sentences:
more than one line
S-V-O-C •ΆŒ^
Finals Week Exam 3: Sentence correctionTime: tba
Room: tba

wkdate Class Survey Space, tech, and the future
attendance NOT required
movie roleplays
Pay It Forward
wkdate SVO Discussion Explain exam / grades
.Let's practice
wkdate Words to sentences How to study
wkdate TV svo dictation Assign family tree and hmwk
wkdate Vowels and comprehension Spelling
wkdate News grammar
Reading grammar
World News
Youth Culture
Animals in Nature
Natural Disasters
wkdate Star Wars (Part 4) Rebel Princess
A Light Sabre
The Duel
The Battle of Yavin

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