Pharmacy English Schedule

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Your Knowledge and Thoughts
in Your Own English

1st Period
Topics and classwork



Apr 4

Apr 11

Apr 18

Seating, introduce teacher
communication practice,
and 4-slot grammars
Micro grammar: A (SOC) and
Macro grammars: R, Q, and
Japanese = S+ A+ O+/C Verb
.. References w/1-pg copy
Enzymes on Yahoo Japan
grades and how to study
titles 日本語と英語
Topic: Metabolic Enzymes and Inhibitors
4Apr 25 English の 和文
People move things
Read 日本語: S+ A+ O+/C Verb
Speak 英語: S Verb O/C +A
.. Sentence analysis
and correction
Deleting, inserting,
and moving words
Topic: Internal Organs
5May 2 Vocabulary:
Chemical equations
English Only
Topic: chemistry
.. Vocabulary:
Japanese and English
Micro grammar: d w n +A
Noun phrases and short answers
Topic: Infections and Antibiotics
6May 9 move, and ...
Oral medication goes
to the liver.
move, but ...
Enzymes control chemical reactions
in the body.
7May 16 Baseball: Pitch and hit
then ... run, run, run
Question and short answer
then ... add more information
Topic: Directions, Dosage, and Warnings
8May 23 The best meds are effective
without adverse side-effects.
S V Complement
9May 30 Good, Bad, and Better Class evaluation
10June 6 . EXAM: Pitching
(discussion questions)
Topic: Inflammation and Steroids
11June 13 . Recursive phrases (+a) and clauses (+r)
12June 20 . R clauses as subject and object
13June 27 . EXAM: Hitting and running
(long answers)
Topic: Your Pharmacy Studies
14Jul 4 Germs can make people sick. S V OO / OC
15Jul 11 Final review before the Final Exam .
tba FINAL EXAMTime: 9:30am
Room: 202
.. . .
a. Skin & muscle grammar

Ingestive grammar

Gland grammar

From Skin to Muscles




b. Are there any questions?
Making questions

Symptoms --what's wrong

c. Explain group report
and group work
Medicine's Effects
on Human Cells
d. . Ingestion and ADME
pair practice w / Qs
e. Diseases, causes, symptoms,
and medicine
Explain how to "learn

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