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Pharmacy I and II Schedule

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What do you know? ... Why do you think so? How do you know (that)?
Your Medical Knowledge in Your Own English

... Tentative Schedule
Week 1 Hana's Plan: Steps 1-2
Plan A: SPEAK Eng, then write 4‹æ Eng
Class ŒfŽ¦” and MS Teams
4‹æ Eng Noun phrases and Gu-Ichi-Pa
Week 2 Hana's Plan: Step 3
Plan A: SPEAK Eng, then write 4‹æ Eng
4‹æ Eng sentences:
Week 3 Plan B: write Jpn, then SPEAK Eng 4‹æ Eng
4‹æ Jpn sentences:
Week 4 PDS Cycle: Plan, Do, See
Conversation Starters: Jpn, then Eng
Group Report: Conversation
Week 5 Organs and meds
Verb sudoku
Patterns: Use 'em or Lose 'em
Week 6 Vague nouns to specific nouns
Full 1, 2 (adj), 3 ‹æ noun phrases
Verb choice to change structure
Week 7 Hana's Plan: Step 4
4‹æ Ques: Wh-@@m-S-V ... +A
Two special question patterns
(1) Wh- ŽåŒê and (2) Be “®ŽŒ
Week x Short answers to questions
Critical thinking
True? Yes or no,
then Wh- questions
Week 8 4‹æ Verb clusters: mV
V to V@AND@V Ving
Past tenses:
V-ed, was V-ing, AND had V-en
Week 9 Exam 1: Making questions Review names and nouns
Week 10 Dictionaries with pictures
Verb thesaurus with video clips
Learn with your ears and
with your eyes wide open
Week 11 Make your own plan Learn together with friends
Week 12 Exam 2: Extended answers
(hit ... run, run, run)
Review names and nouns
Week 13 Practice sentence correction:
lines, circles, and arrows
Review all homework videos
Finals Week Exam 3: Sentence correction Time: tba
Room: tba

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