Writing III Schedule for Fall
(Global English Department)

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Your Understanding . . . (of historical events) . . . in Your Own English

2nd period
Lecture and Discussion
1Apr 6 Seating, introduce teacher
communication practice,
and 4-slot grammars
Micro 英文: A (SOC) and
Macro 英文: R, Q, and
Japanese: S+ A+ O+/C V
2Apr 13 English の 和文 Read 和文: S+ A+ O+/C Verb
Speak 英語: S Verb O/C +A
3Apr 20 Translation, summary,
or search and research
Sentence analysis
and correction
4Apr 27 References and citations Deleting, inserting,
and moving words
Topic: Presidents and Prime Ministers
5May 11 YouTube?
自動詞: moved and
他動詞: moved
6May 18 Timelines 名詞句
Micro 英文: d w n +A
7May 25 Paragraph writing.
8June 1 Writer & advisor Sentence analysis
and correction
9June 8 Good, Bad, and Better
Text evaluation
10June 15 . EXAM: short 2-source
research paper
Topic: Wars and Battles
11June 22 Timeline to Outline
12June 29 People felt emotions. S V Complement
13July 6 . Recursive phrases (+a)
and clauses (+r)
14July 13 . R clauses as subject and object
15July 20 People can make
other people O/C.
tba FINAL EXAMTime: 10: 50 am
Room: tba

wkdate Explain grade calculations
Choose a country
Groups discuss Spring Term
What did you learn?
What do you remember?
wkdate Noun phrases Who's who?
ten historical figures
wkdate People Move Things Choose one for biography
(using two different sources)
wkdate Savage Garden rewrite Proof-reading and
add two sources
wkdate References reviewed Proof-reading and
word processing
wkdate . Short sketches of 5 events
wkdate . Choose one event
wkdate . Timeline and people

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